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How to Watch Polo

Fans of all ages...

Description of a Polo Game

The object of the game is to move the polo ball down-field, hitting the ball through the goal posts for a score. Polo teams then change direction after each goal in order to compensate for field and wind conditions. A team is made up of four polo players.

A polo match is usually played outdoors. A polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide, the largest field in organized sport.

A polo match lasts about one and one-half hours and is divided into timed periods called chukkers. Each chukker is seven minutes long.

Play begins with a throw-in of the ball by the umpire at the opening of each chukker and after each goal.

Players must change horses after each chukker due to the extreme demands placed on the polo pony.

Half-time (after the third chukker) provides a good opportunity to get acquainted with fellow spectators. Participate in divot stomping - the only sport where spectators are invited to actually enter the playing field - and help out players and ponies. It's also a good opportunity to walk about, socialize, enjoy live entertainment and take pictures.

Polo players are ranked yearly by their peers and the USPA on a scale of -2 to 10 goals. Team play is handicapped on the basis of ability.

Most of the rules of polo are for the safety of the Polo players and their ponies. The basic concept is the line of the ball, a right-of-way established by the path of a traveling ball.

Two mounted Umpires do most of the officiating, with a Referee at midfield having the final say in any dispute between the umpires.

Penalty shots are given depending on the severity of the foul.

Post-match trophy presentation - Polo is one big family, that is why spectators are always invited to the post-match trophy presentation. It's a great way to get a true sense of sportsmanship, make the most of photo opportunities, and obtain autographs and mingle with your favorite player. No sport offers this sense of camaraderie and class. We look forward to seeing you at a future polo match during the 2012 summer season!

'What do I wear?'

Polo Club of Colts Neck Dress Code - Get your game on!

Grand Tent Attire: Casual Chic

Ladies apparel represents a virtual fashionista gathering of cocktail dresses, summery skirts, billowy hats to shade the late afternoon sun, and colorful espadrilles a practical choice for the traditional halftime divot stomping.

Summer casual attire with a sportier edge. Khaki pants or shorts are a favorite choice, paired with a button down or, of course, a Polo Shirt. Although not required, some gentlemen may even prefer to dress just as fancy as their ladies, wearing a suit and tie.


Fashion-wise, anything goes on the general admission lawn, offering a more relaxing environment to watch polo. Elegant tailgaiting is a popular activity by spending time with family, friends and even their polo pooches, ladies and gentlemen appropriately dress the part for a late Sunday afternoon after a day at the pool.